Total Joint Replacement

Total Joint Replacement

Our total joint program is an example of our commitment to staying ahead of trends in healthcare while bringing lower costs and better outcomes to patients. Our experienced care team guides patients through the same-day joint replacement process from pre-surgery education and planning to post-op treatment plans and physical therapy protocols. We are dedicated to your care and recovery.


To ensure that patients have a successful recovery outside of the hospital, our dedicated care team offers support before, during, and after the day of surgery.

Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons are dedicated to helping patients of all ages regain everyday mobility or achieve a new personal best.

How we Get you there

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    Meet your East Hills Surgery Center clinical team and dedicated care coordinator and identify your goals.

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    Pre-Surgery Education

    A team of dedicated professionals has designed a comprehensive education program to prepare patients and caregivers and ensure the most successful outcome.

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    Pre-Op Preparation

    All patients will go for a pre-surgical visit comprised of: blood tests, EKG and X-Rays. Home health care is scheduled for nursing and physical therapy visits.

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    You will park feet from our front entrance and walk into a welcoming environment filled with people who know your name and who will be with you throughout your day of surgery. Most patients can expect to walk out our door again within 8 hours.

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    Recovery / Homecare

    You will be guided through a curated post operation program just hours after surgery and you will recover at home with pre-scheduled home health and PT visits along with a check-in call from our center.

My surgeon helped me understand what to expect and the patient education was really helpful. I walked in the ASC the day of my procedure and walked to my car to recover at home with the help of my family. The team at East Hills Surgery Center is top notch in every way!

– East Hills Patient