Physician Ownership Disclosure

Physician Ownership Disclosure

The partners listed below make up part of the partnership of the East Hills Surgery Center. An interest in this facility enables them to have a voice in the administration and medical policy of this surgery center. This involvement helps to ensure the finest quality surgical care for their patients.
The partners listed below take great pride in providing excellent patient care:
Dr. Michael Angel

Dr. Patrick Annello

Dr. Jonathan Bank

Dr. Bradley Block

Dr. Brian Capogna

Dr. Kevin Cassidy

Dr. Richard D’Agostino

Dr. George DeNoto

Dr. Frank DiMaio

Dr. Moshe Ephrat

Dr. Eric Freeman

Dr. Randall Feingold

Dr. Gary Gecelter

Dr. Michael Giuffrida

Dr. Andrew Greenberg

Dr. Ron Israeli

Dr. Michael Kang

Dr. Peter Korn

Dr. David Light

Dr. Joel Portnoy

Dr. Timothy Reish

Dr. Eugene Rubach

Dr. Douglas Schechter

Dr. Bruce Seideman

Dr. Wei Shen

Dr. Peter Stein

Dr. David Tuckman

Dr. Josh Werber